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Episode 20 – Was that a bat? Nope, Never Mind … It’s Just Tron

The fellas chat about Panic Attacks, Full House, Insane Clown Posse, McD tries to talk about Sports, Good Buddy Tron shows up to chat about Bond, James Bond and a whole lot of other chit chatting happens about the of the worlds most important topics…..

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Episode 19 – Baloney Jones and Friends

Holy Shit a guest!

The fellas sit down with Leon Harrison from The Lazys. McD recounts screaming in terror, Music Talk, Aussie/Canadian Comparisons, Shit Talk, Short Celebrities, Hot Dog Vendors, Quiz the Jackass and of course the acapella rendition of Sandstorm you have all been waiting for.

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Episode 18 – Phoenix Talk

Welcome to another exceptional episode of Dumpster Talk! Join the fellas while they share their thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix, Animation, Bird Courses, Tom Green, Gary Glitter, Mushrooms, Dolomite, an Attempt at Improv and so much more.

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Episode 17 – Nerf’d Smokes

One month later… Two takes…. faulty wiring and a dead computer battery… But we made it!

For your listening pressure, here is a couple hours of Good Ole Fashioned Fuckery with the Fellas. Mcd loses his wallet in Portland, Doesn’t Recall a night in Florida, Canadian Smokes, Motorcycle Safety Tips, Mcd’s Knowledge of Dentistry & Obscure Golf Terms, Shitty Designer Backpacks & Weird Reality TV.

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Episode 15 – A Nasty Bucket of Used Up Clamshells

Well it is finally here! We’ve entered 2019 with a brand new episode. This one comes a little late but not from a lack of trying! We attempted a 14th episode and it’s a bit of a mess to say the least. We talk about it here. Dive into the new year with with fellas as they discuss the Fire Festival, Oil Drilling, Glitter Bombs, Sharks vs. Horses, Tobey Maguire, Scams and a good ol’ fashion prank call to McD’s mom.


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Episode 13 – Hanging with Warwick Davis

Catching up before hungover Justin heads to Warkworth, ON, the fellas chat about “fans” and how shitty they can be towards the things they say they love. McD’s broken nose and how it makes him look like Jon Bernthal. This potentially being the last episode before the holidays leads to some talk of X-Mas movies. Bad weather camping. Wesley Snipes and his racist ad-libbing in Demolition Man. The boys tackle the important question, “Which wrestler would you choose as your dad?” And of course a whole lot more nonsense!

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Episode 12 – Afterlife, Schmafterlife…

The Fellas are back at it again with another wild ride into their minds of wonder! Another disaster strikes McD, forcing him to gut his bathroom, but does that matter if we’re all in a simulation anyways? A wonderful rant about technology from McD, as well as how technology gets it’s revenge through a bluetooth mishap. Prepare for some hate talk about essays, the lottery and how addicted McD is to his phone. Couple rounds of Comageddon go down and a whole lot more, but definitely no mortgage talk, that’s been cut…

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Episode 10 – Working on it. Together.

Back from their Euro-trip, the fellas catch up a little bit and then of course head off on more tangents. Get ready for more venting about Lucky Lake in Amsterdam. Hear about McD’s first panic attack in Mexico. An idea involving post-apocalyptic preparation gets thrown around. There’s some talk about the movies Waterworld, White Boy Rick and The Meg. McD laments over his most regrettable bowl of cereal. Also in there, is something about a hand job from Gary Busey?

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Episode 9 – Don’t Get “The Hotdog Gyro”

AmsterDAMN Bees and the world’s laziest trailer park, Historical Prague and unsafe underground bars, Old as fuck Athens and a human playdoh factory in Mykonos. All this and more in a lovely little trip recap from the fellas recorded in Greece.

Episode 8 – Schrödinger’s Drone

The fellas track a few extra minutes in this episode before they head out on big European adventures. Some chats around the shitty jobs they’ve either quit or been fired from. Recapping the #terribletakes on George Thorogood and Karl Marx. McD’s very basic idea of what he thinks it’s going to be like in Greece. Weekend jailbirds asking “What are you hooping?” The excitement of a road trip through Cleveland and Dallas. Their thoughts on what they believe to be greatest inventions of all time and of course more nonsense to keep your brain spinning!

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