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Episode 15 – A Nasty Bucket of Used Up Clamshells

Well it is finally here! We’ve entered 2019 with a brand new episode. This one comes a little late but not from a lack of trying! We attempted a 14th episode and it’s a bit of a mess to say the least. We talk about it here. Dive into the new year with with fellas as they discuss the Fire Festival, Oil Drilling, Glitter Bombs, Sharks vs. Horses, Tobey Maguire, Scams and a good ol’ fashion prank call to McD’s mom.


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Episode 12 – Afterlife, Schmafterlife…

The Fellas are back at it again with another wild ride into their minds of wonder! Another disaster strikes McD, forcing him to gut his bathroom, but does that matter if we’re all in a simulation anyways? A wonderful rant about technology from McD, as well as how technology gets it’s revenge through a bluetooth mishap. Prepare for some hate talk about essays, the lottery and how addicted McD is to his phone. Couple rounds of Comageddon go down and a whole lot more, but definitely no mortgage talk, that’s been cut…

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Episode 11 – COMAGGEDON!

Better late than never they say… The fellas have been cooking up some new things (Or just fucking the dog… but who really knows?) and one of those things is called COMAGEDDON!! A new game the fellas have made-up to find out what they would do in random post-apocalyptic scenarios. Plus lots of other trash opinions about drunk tanks, good cops, bad cops, group yoga, and sleeping on sidewalks. Looking to piss off more people, McD calls on a professional fighter by trying to start a Podcast rivalry with The Justin Bruckmann Adventure. What a Ding-Dong…

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Come and get it! COMAGEDDON!!