Monthly Archives: September 2018

Episode 10 – Working on it. Together.

Back from their Euro-trip, the fellas catch up a little bit and then of course head off on more tangents. Get ready for more venting about Lucky Lake in Amsterdam. Hear about McD’s first panic attack in Mexico. An idea involving post-apocalyptic preparation gets thrown around. There’s some talk about the movies Waterworld, White Boy Rick and The Meg. McD laments over his most regrettable bowl of cereal. Also in there, is something about a hand job from Gary Busey?

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Episode 9 – Don’t Get “The Hotdog Gyro”

AmsterDAMN Bees and the world’s laziest trailer park, Historical Prague and unsafe underground bars, Old as fuck Athens and a human playdoh factory in Mykonos. All this and more in a lovely little trip recap from the fellas recorded in Greece.