Monthly Archives: July 2018

Episode 6 – Green Bottle Flies and The Secret Pizza Man

Mikesmith and McD give their impression of the movie “Mother!” The first ever #TerribleTake on History. Acupuncture anyone? The mysterious secret pizza man, and a whole load of other nonsense from these two dingbats as usual.

Episode 5 – Blur it, Don’t Twist it

More nonsense galore for you, friends!  This week the fellas chat about a whole bunch of random stuff like sleep labs, ridiculous weddings, Denny’s, Is Elon Musk a hero or a villain? The Hoagie War. Oh, and Justin proves he almost knows all the provinces in Canada… Plus a whack load more of course!

Episode 4 – Brought to you by Ribfest

Mike and Justin pretend they know a thing or two about hockey, then come up with new fangled ideas on how they would improve professional sports. Justin shares some of his “jokes.” Mike has to admit he’s also a huge ding dong, and the fellas share their thoughts on the Horror movie genre. Plus a whole lot more nonsense as usual!

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